We're here!

Sorry about the mishap with the blog - at least it's fixed now. :) But we're here! And it's great!

Right now the girls are staying at our coordinator's (Sean and Jeni's) house. Their kids, Sarah (9) and Phillip (8) are always striving to entertain us. Right now I can hear their keyboard in the background. :) I love this family and am so grateful to be working with them.

The boys are staying at a house that they may end up renting, next to the house of one of the families at the congregation. We went to their small group last night. Norma will be our mom away from home, I can already tell, and Sara our grandma. We didn't get to meet their husbands yet, but Norma's son Oscar went with us to the high school when we were here in February. Last night was a good time of worship, discussing Scripture (Matt. 15:1-20) and practicing my very limited Spanish (our classes start June 11th, I can't wait!). Oh, and eating. :)

The food is great, of course. I am going to have to adjust to this food schedule though, mostly revolving around one BIG lunch. :) Mango juice is still my favorite. And the taco place we went to put lots of avocado on top, mmmm. Oh, and I tried cactus! I liked it at first, but then I wasn't so sure haha. Like sour green beans.

I guess I'll leave it at that for now. Pray for us as we continue looking at apartments. The girls may have found the right one. There's a LOT of room, but we're planning on having people stay with us often, and already are planning on hosting an LST (Let's Start Talking) girl for all of July. And Toby already is sick to his stomach, so remember us for that too.

Love you everyone!!


Lindsay said...

Hey Brettin!

Thanks for all the work you and your team are doing to spread the love of Christ to the people in Tlalpan! May God bless each and every one of you with all the strength, wisdom, patience, love and perseverance that you will need as you continue to make Acts 12:24 true in today's world, "But the word of God continued to increase and spread." You guys are amazing, and God is doing incredible things through you! You are in my prayers!

In Christ's love,

tim rush said...

Hey Brettin,

Glad to have you in Mexico. And happy to see you're already enjoying the food. The pastor tacos in Mexico City are the best.

Look forward to seeing you sometime.