Cell phones, small groups, and stinky feet

So the last few days have been kind of hectic, but not too much. Since I'm in kind of a routine again, it's been easier to make time for devotion which is great. In the mornings we've still been doing devotions with Sean and Jeni, telling our life stories, and going through orientation.

Away from the house, we went to another small group. Toby really bonded with the toddler, Natasha. It was so sweet to see them playing. It's been good to be reminded that even if we don't know Spanish well, we still can make friends and make an impact. One of the guys we spent time with during our trip in February, Miguel Angel, was at small group last night. He's our first good friend, especially for the guys. He's thinking about AIM for next year, so pray for him as he tries to decide what's best. Also, pray for Israel and Nelly, the other missionary couple here. His grandma just died and it's been hard on them.

We also bought cell phones (which took a long time! haha) and have been looking at apartments still. All the walking has been great, but my feet stink a lot!!

Tonight there isn't a small group, so we're just hanging out at Sean and Jeni's. Tomorrow we'll hopefully finalize some things with apartments. I'm really excited for Sunday, and for Monday when we go to the high school we helped with in February. We're doing some kind of English tutoring activities. I had a great time last time we were there.

Until next time...

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