Easy vs. Good

These four words have been on my mind lately: trust, patience, self-control, and joy.

There are two specific ways I'm learning these things:

1) I don't want to complain anymore. It's so easy to just sit around and complain, and it seems fun when everyone else is doing it, but afterwards I get the feeling after watching a whole episode of fill-in-the-blank sitcom or eating way too many cookies - aka, gross. What's easy usually isn't what's right. I just wish I could realize what I'm doing before the conversation is over and I have that gross feeling.

2) I've been starting to think about "after AIM" again - where will I be? How in the world will I be able to work, go to school, and be as involved with ministry as I'd like to be? And so on. It's times like these when I like to remember that one of God's names is Yahweh Yireh, meaning God will provide. God sees what I need, sees what I want, and most importantly, sees what's best for me. I can pray, asking for things that I want, that I think would be best, with complete confidence. I don't have to be afraid of a no, because if the answer is no, then he has something better for me. I don't have to be afraid of a yes, because if he says yes that means this really is what's best. I don't have to be afraid of a wait, because that way I get to keep seeking, keep asking, and keep knocking - aka, patience. Again, this isn't easy, but it's good. I have a God who cares about me, who loves me, and who is powerful enough to take my anxieties (and even my mistakes) and make them into something beautiful. 1 Peter 5:6-7 is really cool.

In the end, easy doesn't mean good, God is good, and I'm thankful.


Lerin said...

This is an interesting post. It speaks to what we believe of God and our free will. As my life continues to change and my perspective with it, I find it hard to believe that God has one future "set" for us, and that He will guide us down that one good, set path. I think when we are seeking His will, there isn't necessarily one "right" answer, but that He will bless us as we make decisions by putting Him first. Do you think there is only one "right" path for your life? I'm curious.

brettincasie said...

Oh no I definitely don't think there's only one right way for everyone, because then if you make a mistake like way back in middle school, you're kind of screwed for life huh? haha. I think that mindset almost limits God. And I don't think that God ever wants us to make mistakes, but I think he uses them to make something even more beautiful when we turn back to him. Also, I can think of different situations in my life or in someone else's that I totally believe there was more than one good way to go.

What I meant by my post is just basically I don't have to worry, not that I don't have to make choices or that God's the playwright of my life and I'm just his puppet or anything. I can just look back on my life and see things even maybe as small as piano classes and see how it's totally shaped my character today, and how he provided that for my life. I can look towards the future and know that he's the same God and will use things maybe I can't see yet to do great things in my life again. I definitely believe in free will, I think it's one way that we're made in God's image. Make more sense?