New videos

I still need to put pictures up here like I promised, but if you look on my youtube (brettincasie) you'll find new videos from the fiesta. :)


gsus said...

hi girl, my name is jesus i'm from guadlajara, i dont speak english very well, so i hope you can understend me, hi hi, i reed your blog as well saw your videos on you tube, i ave to say i loved, i loved the wey you talk about god and all the things interest to you. i have a kind a bad relationship whit god right now, for a lot of things, but i thing i need to work it aot, i love god and i speek whit him, but right now i thing he speak chihnnesse i just speak spanish and a little of english, i thing i need to learn chinnesse, hi hi, please keep going your job its amazing,i which all the best for you and yours, god bless you and see you in other time, ok?,, p.d. if i was wrong in any word please let me know, kisses a.girl(angelical girl) he he bye

tpdtwhite said...

LOVED the videos! Looks like everyone had a great time. Couldn't understand a word of it but still enjoyed it.

Love ya,